Disembodied Self // [Un]Self


Let’s begin with some of my favorite quotes.
This page will continue to change, and grow- as the I continue to interact with it.

“I believe that if you start with politics, and you try to create art to communicate your politics, you bleed out the complexities of human life to create a clear message. You create an essay, an essay in paint, an essay in sculpture, or in writing; and that essay, that simple truth, lets people go home, they go home satisfied, they understand a truth of the human condition better, and because that truth is an oversimplification, they wake up tomorrow morning and the artistic experience has lost all of its resonance. Instead I create art from obsession, I sometimes create art because it’s painful not to create it, it is painful not to express the things that I have been through, it’s painful for people not to witness it…. My art is not created from a place that is trying to make the world a better place, my art is not created from a place where I am trying to ease the suffering of other women, in fact my work complicates the world, and my work complicates the suffering of other women. But I have found that some people, only some people, want to experience the complications of life

– Nina Arsenault’s 2010 talk at ideaCity

About this talk:

“I am not attempting to manufacture a journey of empowerment.” Nina Arsenault instead discusses her work and its exploration of maleness and femaleness, as well as notions of “realness” and “fakeness.” She examines femininity as an artistic form and claims she’s not original; though admits speaking shamelessly about her objectification is what makes it so profane. Here, her commentary encourages us to admit our obsession with beauty, to complicate things, and to realize the ultimate beauty is in truth.


About this Nina:

After 60 cosmetic surgeries and procedures, Canada’s most celebrated transsexual considers herself a queer artist as well as a queer art object. Her physical transformation, her work, and her personal life have been the subject of numerous mainstream television shows, radio programs, Internet, and print articles. Arsenault is a frequent lecturer at Canadian universities in sociology, sexual studies, fashion communications, and theatre departments, where he writing, performances, and images are studied in course texts.

“Painters can make visible forces that previously were not, much as composers make us hear sounds that were unheard of. Similarly, Philosophers can make thinkable concepts that did not exist before. ”     

– Gilles Deleuze

“Phallogocentric language, not its particular speaker, is the scalpel that defines our flesh. I defy that Law in my refusal to abide by its original decree of my gender. Though I cannot escape its power, I can move through its medium.”

–Susan Stryker