Artist Statement

Artist Statement- May 2014.

  • Dissociation: Disconnected/Lack of connection between things.
    Usually aspirated with each other.
  • Dissociative experiences are not integrated into [what is considered to be the concrete/autonomous , resulting in discontinuities in conscious awareness.
  • Dissociative experiences are often described as:
    • Feeling unreal
    • Feeling physically present but consciously disconnected
    • – Watching oneself from outside of oneselF
    • Out of body experience

Excerpt from Academic Writing:  (barely representative of the complete work)

“Dealing with PTSD and dissociation can significantly alter the way in which an individual interacts with the world on in which they exist. Consequently, the way one views/perceives oneself in addition to the way one interacts with the world/ others that exist within it is dramatically changed.”

– Alansari, 2014.

This work is attempting to make the experience more(actively) tangible– and accessible to those lucky enough to not become acquainted with Dissociation.In a way, this work is an attempt to  materialize, the abstract/disjointed experience of being dissociated.

Process: Turned Digital camera into Pinhole by placing tinfoil over the sensor, and poking a tiny hole in the center.
Pin-hole dslr21476509586_937a1cdb11_k

Documentation of Exhibit 

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